Maintenance tips

Each Dazibao’s creation is delicate and must be treated with care. In order to keep your jewel in excellent condition, we recommend you to avoid shocks and friction because it can obviously damage it.

Your Dazibao jewel is precious because it consists exclusively of 18 carat gold and diamonds. Despite its hardness, a diamond can break under the effect of a shock. Bracelets or necklaces, can sometimes get stuck and break. We must be careful.

When should I remove my jewelry?

We strongly recommend you to remove your Dazibao jewel when washing your hands, when using cream or  when cooking (when your rings are in contact with food). We also recommend removing your jewel when doing sports activities or when going in the sea (in case you lose it). Intense activity can cause shocks that can scratch the metal and damage the claws of the crimps. For housework, gardening or other manual activities: repeated contact with detergents or corrosive products can damage the gold.


Before I wear my jewel, what to do?

 Before wearing your jewel, we recommend that you to check whether the clasp of your bracelet or necklace ‘clicks’ when closing. Also check whether a diamond moves, in that case, do not take any risks, do not wear your jewel. It has to be reset.


Storing your jewelry

 Unworn, the jewel must be stored in its Dazibao box to avoid any shock and scratches. Indeed, a precious jewel can be scratched by contact with another jewel. We recommend you to put one jewel per box to avoid any friction. If you want to storage a necklace or bracelet, make sure to always close your jewel to prevent a knot.


How to clean your jewel

 To make your diamonds shine again, we advise you to rub it gently under warm water with a small bristle brush and washing up liquid. This cleaning will unclog small dirt or dust without damaging your jewelry. Be careful to properly seal your sink when cleaning so you do not lose your jewelry in your pipes.