Who is behind the brand?

The Belgian jewelry brand Dazibao Antwerp, founded in 2017 by Camille Coppens, has experienced a spectacular evolution while remaining true to its fundamental values of offering trendy and personalized luxury jewelry 'Made in Antwerp' using gold, natural diamonds, and precious stones. Due to the brand's success, Floriane Coppens, the founder's younger sister, is now joining the adventure.

Diverse Collections

Since its inception, Dazibao Antwerp has won the hearts of dynamic young women with a range of modern, delicate, elegant, and trendy jewelry offered in different collections.

The "Moments" ring collection includes Dazibao Antwerp models specially designed for - as the name suggests - important moments in life such as engagements, births, birthdays, and more. All models are made of gold with diamonds, precious or semi-precious stones. These rings will forever be a reminder of a special moment. These jewels are worn today and will be passed down from generation to generation.

The "Bespoke" ring collection is synonymous with personalized creations. The Belgian label's motto: "You are the designer, we are the crafters" refers to the many custom-made jewels that are unique.

In addition, Dazibao Antwerp also offers wedding bands as well as a collection of more casual bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings for everyday wear. Each piece, made of gold and diamonds, is seductive in its refinement and quality craftsmanship.

100% Made in Antwerp

Each Dazibao piece is handmade by skilled artisans with years of experience in the jewelry industry in Antwerp. Dazibao Antwerp works directly with its diamond supplier, A.V. Gumuchdjian, which allows them to offer stones of exceptional quality at a competitive price.

Where does the name 'Dazibao' come from?

The term Dazibao represents the collaborative journal in China, the exchange of news between citizens, a way of expressing oneself, being creative, and visualizing the perception of others. Customer desires are at the heart of Dazibao Antwerp's designs, hence the choice of this name.