Who is behind Dazibao?

Dazibao was founded by Camille Coppens in 2017. From an early age, Camille was fascinated by jewelry and especially by diamonds. Thanks to her stepfather, André Gumuchdjian, CEO of the diamond trading company AV Gumuchdjian in Antwerp, Camille knows this world well. She decided to launch the Dazibao brand with the goal of creating luxury jewellery, which is also affordable and wearable in everyday life.

The concept

Dazibao is a unique concept involving diamonds and gold requiring customer’s imagination and creativity.  The idea is: “you are the designer, we are the crafters”. Customers have the chance to be part of a collaborative collection by giving their design to the brand and seeing their creation (which carries their first name) worn by other customers.

What does Dazibao mean ?

The term Dazibao is not trivial, it represents the collaborative newspaper in China, the exchange of news between citizens, a way to express oneself, to be creative and to visualize the perception of others.

The evolution of the brand

Since the beginning, the Dazibao team has met with its clients by appointment and helped them to create their dream jewel according to their desires by guiding them in the design. Thanks to all these encounters, the Dazibao team has launched its own collection imagined and produced in its workshops in Antwerp. 

Gold and diamonds

The Dazibao brand only works with 18kt  gold and high-quality diamonds supplied by AV Gumuchdjian Antwerp, expert in diamond trading and cutting for more than 100 years. AV Gumuchdjian guarantees diamonds cut to perfection regardless of the budget. It is by using the best materials that jewels remain eternal. Dazibao’s mission is to offer its customers the best quality at affordable prices.

The production

Every jewel is produced in Antwerp in the brand’s workshops. Each jewel is handmade, from setting to finishing by passionate craftsmans working in the industry for over 40 years.